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Historic Sites & Museums

Leeds and Grenville has a long and interesting history, dating back over 200 years. The region has been a part of Canadian history even before we were officially a nation. With such a rich history, Leeds and Grenville is proud to be home to several important heritage and historical sites and museums. The list below is a sampling of these:


Athens Murals are a series of large and impressive murals on the sides of buildings in the Village, that help keep the history of Athens alive.

Bishop Mills

Bishop Mills Natural History Centre offers visitors the chance to look at local animal and plant life, browse field guides, appreciate paintings of nature, and purchase books, cards, and posters.


Brockville Museum features exhibitis and artefacts related to Brockville’s rich history and the city’s development as a waterfront community.

Fulford Place is a National Historic Site, and a popular tourist attraction in Brockville. It is a beautifully furnished mansion, and offers visitors the opportunity to view original artefacts from the early 1900s, buy great items at the gift shop, or have a cup of tea in the lovely tea room.

Chaffey's Locks

Lockmaster´s House Museum sponsors many different exhibits centering around the economic and social life of the Chaffey’s. It also has a permanent exhibit showing the history of the house and Chaffey’s Lock.


Old Stone Mill is a National Historic Site showcasing milling technology and 1800s industrial heritage. The mill was built in 1810 and is one of the finest examples of early industrial architecture in the region.


Arthur Child Heritage Museum of the Thousand Islands provides visitors to Gananoque with an inviting setting to reflect on, and learn about, the history of the area.


Fort Wellington was built during the War of 1812 to defend against a possible attack by the United States. It is now a historic site, open to viewing for the public.


Rideau Heritage Route follows along the Rideau Canal, which was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in June 2007. It is a series of roadways and paths that wind through historic sites, charming villages, quaint attractions and spectacular recreation areas.


Rideau District Museum offers a look at the history of the Westport area.