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Professional Networking

The majority of jobs in Canada are not advertised and hiring is done based on referrals from current employees and friends. Therefore, professional networking should be an essential part of your job search.

One good idea is to find the local chapter of your professional association and become a member. You will have the opportunity to make professional contacts for referrals, show your knowledge, and find out about the latest news in your professional field.

In addition, there are professional networks of newcomers to Canada that can help you with valuable contacts, information and referrals. For the Directory of these networks click here.

Cold calling is another way of professional networking. You can call your intended employer, preferably the Manager of the department you would like to work for, and ask for an information interview. Once you receive an interview with the employer, you will have the opportunity to make a good impression and leave your resume for consideration in case of matching openings.

Job search workshops at the Employment and Education Centre and CSE Consulting provide in-depth information on professional networking strategies.

Employers in the Region

A good start to professional networking would be to contact some of the organizations that employ the most people in the region.  A list of major employers in Leeds & Grenville is available online. 

Additionally, you may want to search for businesses that employ people with your skills.  For example, if you are trained and experienced as a chef, you would want to contact area restaurants.  The United Counties of Leeds & Grenville offer an online business directory that can help you find businesses in your field.