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Costs of Living

"Costs of Living" are certain expenses that are common to people living in Canada. Everyone in Canada needs to be able to pay for food, shelter, transportation, and taxes – for themselves and for their family. People also need to pay for clothing, utilities, and recreational activities.

Everyone in Canada has these common expenses but not everyone pays the same amount for them. In fact, Leeds & Grenville offers much lower living expenses compared to larger cities in Ontario such as Toronto or Ottawa.

Below are some of the "Costs of Living" you can expect to save money on by living in Leeds & Grenville.

Rental Housing

Rental rates are significantly lower in Brockville than many other regions in Ontario. Rental rates in the other municipalities of Leeds & Grenville are even lower then those in Brockville.

Average Housing Rental Rates (According to CMHC Housing Market Information released in Spring 2010)
  Bachelor 1Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom +
Brockville $513 $631 $755 $738
Toronto $802 $943 $1134 $1326
Ottawa-Gatineau $688 $873 $1061 $1252
London $530 $688 $862 $992

Buying a Home

We do not have comparisons available for the average cost of buying a home in Leeds & Grenville compared to other areas in Canada.  However, a house is estimated to cost 30% less in Leeds & Grenville, than a similar house in a larger city in Ontario.


Gas is expensive and so are vehicle repairs which become more frequent, the more you drive. People who live and work in Leeds & Grenville travel much shorter distances to work compared to cities nearby.

City Average daily commute
Toronto 80 minutes
Ottawa 66 minutes
Montreal 76 minutes
Leeds & Grenville 40 minutes

By living in Leeds & Grenville you can save transportation costs and spend less time in your vehicle and more time enjoying life!


Income tax is common to all residents of Ontario. But, property taxes are different in each municipality. Property taxes depend on many factors, so it makes it hard to give an accurate comparison of tax rates across different regions. Property owners in Leeds & Grenville can expect to pay about 20 – 30 % less in property taxes, than they would for a similar property in a larger city in Ontario.

For More Information

The United Counties of Leeds & Grenville offers more information about costs of living in the region on their economic development website.