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Volunteering is a highly valued practice in Canadian society. As a volunteer you will gain insights into Canadian work culture. You will also have the opportunity to sharpen your skills and demonstrate yourself as a good team member, communicator and committed individual and professional. Volunteering does not automatically lead to job placement, but it does provide professional contacts and references and builds your networks  – all of which are important for future employment. You may also learn about internal job postings at a company while volunteering there, and apply for them with higher chances of being hired than the external candidates. Many times previous volunteers are hired by the host organization even after they have finished their volunteer activities.

The Volunteer Centre of St. Lawrence-Rideau can help match your skills and experiences with the needs of community organizations. Other organizations in the region that you may want to consider volunteering with include: local hospitals, the United Way of Leeds & Grenville, the YMCA of Brockville and Area, and other local charities.