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Local Weather

Seasonal Weather

Leeds & Grenville has four distinct seasons in a year. Studies have shown that the region gets more average daily sunlight than almost any other region in Ontario.

The four seasons are:

Spring – Begins in late March and continues to the middle of June. This season is usually somewhat rainy, and the temperature ranges between cool and warm. Flowers and trees begin to bloom in Spring, and plants and grass begin to grow.

Summer – Begins in the middle of June and lasts until late September. Summer weather is usually warm at first and can become very hot in July and August. Summer is an great season to experience nature in Leeds & Grenville. The warm to hot weather offers a perfect chance to enjoy the rivers and lakes in the region. Many people are boating, sailing and swimming during this season.

Fall – Begins in late September and runs until late November. The weather is cool in fall and the leaves on the trees change from green to red, yellow, and orange before they fall off the tree. The cool weather and beautiful scenery make this season perfect for hiking on one of Leeds & Grenville’s many beautiful trails.

Winter – Begins in late November and continues to the middle of March. Winters in Leeds & Grenville are cold and snowy and it is important to wear warm clothing when you are outdoors. If you are driving in the winter, you must be very careful because the roads can be icy and slippery. But winter in Leeds & Grenville is a lot of fun. There are many outdoor public skating rinks, trails for cross country skiing, and local hockey games to watch.