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ABOUT LEEDS & GRENVILLE What is Leeds & Grenville?

What is Leeds & Grenville?

Leeds & Grenville is a region in Eastern Ontario.  It is a beautiful, picturesque area of Canada and is home to 13 municipalitiesThe City of Brockville is the area's largest and most populous city and is the economic and cultural hub for the region.  

In Leeds & Grenville there are world-class educational institutions, safe communities with friendly neighbours, and an excellent quality of life. In the area, you can enjoy the simple pleasures of small-town living, and still have access to all of the amenities of a large city. Please view our online picture gallery to see the natural beauty of Leeds & Grenville.

Leeds & Grenville is also a great place to do business.  It is home to competitive businesses and industries and many large multinational corporations have chosen to base their headquarters or significant operational properties in the region. 

Our population is skilled and diverse, providing investors and business owners with significant advantages when locating here. To assist in your research, the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville provides a tool to create reports on demographic statistics for the region.