About the Leeds and Grenville Region


Leeds Grenville, located halfway between Toronto and Montreal, is home to 13 municipalities of different sizes and characteristics. The total population of Leeds Grenville is 100,546 (Statistics Canada 2016). The City of Brockville (population 24,000 in 2016) is the area’s largest city and serves as the economic and cultural hub of the region. Located on the shore of the St. Lawrence River, Brockville is known as the ‘City of the 1000 Islands’ and is within minutes of two international bridges to northern New York State. In 2010 Brockville was designated a Safe Community by the World Health Organization and, as Ontario’s oldest incorporated municipality, is also a heritage community.


Leeds Grenville enjoys four different seasons every year: summer, fall, winter and spring. You can find out about the weather in your area by listening to the radio, watching television, reading the newspaper or checking online.


March 20 to June 20

Spring is a rainy season. Make sure you have an umbrella and raincoat to stay dry. Average daytime temperatures are about 8°C in March and rise slowly through the rest of the season. The nights are cool.


June 21 to September 21

July and August can be very hot and humid. In Leeds Grenville, daytime temperatures are usually above 20°C and sometimes above 30°C. In the summer you should wear a hat and sunscreen to prevent sunburn.


September 22 to December 20

The weather gets cooler, the days get shorter, and the leaves on many trees change colour and fall to the ground. The early part of fall is rainy, however, it may start snowing in October. The temperature slowly drops during fall. Make sure you wear a jacket and take an umbrella with you so you can stay warm and dry.


December 21 to March 19

In winter, it is cold and snows often. The temperature in most of the province is often below 0°C, day and night. Temperatures can drop below -30°, which can be dangerous if you do not have the right clothing. In the winter you should dress in layers and wear a hat to stay warm.


United Counties of Leeds and Grenville is committed to the effective delivery of the services in a cost efficient and accountable fashion to benefit the diverse interests of each municipality within Leeds & Grenville. To learn more about the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville, visit their website.
Here is the list and contact information for municipal offices in Leeds Grenville. These offices are where area residents pay taxes and various service fees pending on the municipality. One can also find information about garbage collection, recycling programs and recreation programs.

Phone Number
Athens www.athenstownship.ca

1 Main Street West,
Athens, Ontario

Augusta www.augusta.ca 3560 County Road 26, RR2,
Prescott, Ontario
Brockville www.brockville.com 1 King Street West,
Brockville, Ontario
Edwardsburgh/Cardinal www.edwardsburghcardinal.ca 18 Centre Street,
Spencerville, Ontario
Elizabethtown-Kitley www.elizabethtown-kitley.on.ca 6544 New Dublin Road., RR2,
Addison, Ontario
Front of Yonge www.frontofyonge.com 1514 County Road 2,
Mallorytown, Ontario
Gananoque www.gananoque.ca 30 King Street East,
Gananoque, Ontario
Leeds and the 1000 Islands www.leeds1000islands.ca 1233 Prince Street,
Lansdowne, Ontario
Merrickville-Wolford www.merrickvillage-wolford.ca 317 Brock Street West,
Merrickville, Ontario
North Grenville www.northgrenville.on.ca 285 County Road #44,
Kemptville, Ontario
Prescott www.prescott.ca 360 Dibble Street West,
Prescott, Ontario
Rideau Lakes www.twprideaulakes.on.ca 1439 County Road 8,
Delta, Ontario
Westport village.westport.on.ca 30 Bedford Street,
Westport, Ontario
United Counties of Leeds and Grenville www.leedsgrenville.com 25 Central Avenue,
Brockville, Ontario



The St. Lawrence-Rideau Immigration Partnership is a coalition of organizations committed to building local capacity to attract, settle, and integrate immigrants. The Immigration Partnership also encourages organizations, individuals, and communities to recognize and celebrate cultural diversity. Lead by two staff members, and representatives from 25+ community agencies, the Immigration Partnership works throughout the 10 municipalities and 3 partner communities that make up the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville. Established in 2010, the Immirgatuion Partnership is funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, and is one of seventy-seven Immigration Partnerships across Canada.



We refer immigrants to local services

Local Residents

We are involved Leeds Grenville communities in welcoming newcomers to the area.


We support employers in developing and maintaining culturally diverse workforces.

Community Agencies & Service Providers

We raise awareness of local and regional immigrant support resources.
We support immigration and cultural diversity themed initiatives.
We identify immigrant needs and develop community-based plans to address them.


Winners: Dr. Raja Sandhu and Dr. Gurfateh Sandhu of Sandhu Dental Group
Finalists: Trang Le of Trang Le Salon, Kashif Riaz of Computer Liquidators, Tan Masong of Nahkon Thai, David Shanahan a Local media and historian, Vijay Beri of Electric Appliance, and Iran Saidi of Bebe’s Salon

Winner: Ahmad Khadra of Kinda Electronics
Finalists: Subhendu Mukherjee of 1000 Islands Catering, Peter Wilmer of Brockville Digital Marketing, Gui Qing Lu (Joe) of  Chinastudio 9 Salon and Day Spa, Kashif Riaz of Computer Liquidators, James Fuller of James Fuller New Building Design and Heritage Restoration,

Winner: Kashif Riaz of Computer Liquidators

Winner: Magdalena Duris of Piccolo Cafe Plus
Finalists: Paul and Alison Goodyer of Cosies, Frank and Judy Li of Dewar’s Inn on the River, Don Szeto of Dragon Garden Restaurant, Kutebah al Youssef of Horizons Painting, Sam Rawas of Richard’s Coffee House, Anu and Guru Khosa of Tandoori Mint

Winner: Ting Tsai of Panache Bakery
Finalists: Brenda Couchier of ATOR Properties, Annick Rousseau of Berry Homestead Farms, Claudia Mathieu of Katarina’s Coffee Shop, Hasan and Yildiz Duman of Prescott Turkish Restaurant, and Sam Rawas of Richard’s Coffee House

Winners: Maciej and Siobhan Brodowski of 1000 Islands B&B
Finalists: Samia O’Day of Canada Music Academy, Paul Waenink of Marion’s Honey, David Shanahan of The North Grenville Times, Harsh and Kenisha Patel of Parkedale Pharmacy, and Sam Rawas of Richard’s Coffee House

Winner: Marc Gómez Segú of El Rebost de les Mil Illes and European Quality Foods
Finalists: Alfred Missak of Athens Pharmasave, Harsh and Kenisha Patel of Parkedale Pharmacy, and Wajahat Khaleeque of Sunset Grill

Winner: Ujjval Prajapati of Pizza Pizza Brockville
Finalists: Wajahat Khaleeque of Sunset Grill, Nataliia Edwards of Natasha’s Ukrainian Cuisine, Thangarajah Sam of M&M Meat Shop


Winner: Harsh and Kanisha Patel of Parkedale Pharmacy
Finalists: Fares Alkhteeb and Lina Alakabani of A Taste of Syria, Dara and Anand Singh of Indian Cuisine Hub, Nicola Craggs of Leave the Books to Me, Clint Wright of One Love Jamaican Cuisine


Below is a current list of the St. Lawrence-Rideau Immigration Partnership Council members. The Partnership Council meets quarterly to discuss joint priorities, funding opportunities, new immigrant programs, and community based solutions to local immigrant challenges. Partners marked with an asterisk (*) participate on the Employment and Settlement Working Group that is dedicated to such initiatives as the Annual Leeds Grenville Immigrant Entrepreneur Award.

Immigration Partnership Council Members

Ahmad Khadra: Immigrant Representative, Syria
Brockville & District Multicultural Council: 613-342-1469 and brockvillemulticulturalfestival.com
Brockville Public Library: 613-342-3936 brockvillelibrary.ca
Chinese & Canadian Heritage Cultural Association: peter00au@gmail.com
City of Brockville Economic Development: 613-342-8772 x4440 and brockville.com/economic-development
CSE Consulting: (613) 342-2312 and www.cseconsulting.com
Eastern Workforce Innovation Board: (613) 382-7462 and www.workforcedev.ca/index.php/en/
Employment + Education Centre: (613) 498-2111 and www.eecentre.com
Every Kid in Our Communities: coordinator@everykid.on.ca and www.everykid.on.ca
Francophone Immigration Support Network of East Ontario: 613-217-9600 and rsifeo.org
Frank Onasanya: Immigrant Representative, Nigeria
Fulford Academy: (613) 341-9330 and fulfordacademy.com
KEYS Job Centre: 613-382-1085 and keys.ca
Kashif Riaz: Immigrant Representative, Pakistan
Leeds Grenville Small Business: (613) 342-3840 and www.lgsmallbusiness.com
Leeds Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit: (613) 345-5685 and healthunit.org
Merrickville Preparatory School: (613) 269-2064 and www.merrickprep.com
Municipality of North Grenville: 613-258-9569 and www.northgrenville.ca
Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands: 613-659-2415 and www.leeds1000islands.ca
Refugees for Brockvillewww.refugeesforbrockville.com
St. Lawrence College: (613) 345-0660 and www.stlawrencecollege.ca
Town of Prescott: 613-925-2812 and www.prescott.ca
TR Leger Immigrant Services/ TR Leger Services aux Immigrants: 613-342-1127 and www.trlimmigrantservices.ca
United Counties of Leeds and Grenville: 613-342-3840 and www.leedsgrenville.com
Upper Canada Leger Centre: (613) 342-0371 and uclc.ca
Volunteer Centre of St. Lawrence Rideau: (613) 498-2111 ext. 226 and www.volunteercentre.ca
YMCA of Eastern Ontario, Brockville YMCA: (613) 342-7961 and www.eo.ymca.ca


Email: melissaf@eecentre.com

Social Media: @LGImmigration

Phone: 343-264-1147

Mail/In-Person: 105 Strowger Blvd. Brockville, ON, P.O. Box 191, K6V 5V2

We Are Neighbours

We Are Neighbours is a campaign that was born from individuals and organizations across Leeds and Grenville who wanted to recognize the diversity of people living throughout the region. Combining photos and videos, social media posts, and online articles, the St. Lawrence-Rideau Immigration Partnership hopes to inspire dialogue and connection among all Leeds and Grenville residents by having people share stories that represent them, their cultures, and their families. 

To learn more, get involved, and to read the stories, check out the We Are Neighbours website.

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